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Data enrichment, email finder, local businesses extractor, email scraping, cold email automation, lead scoring, CRM and more..
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More than +200 features to generate leads 😍

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Enrichment data software to find emails

The perfect product to generate high quality leads from B2B to B2C.

  • Access / extract from more than +15M B2B companies.
  • Extact local businesses from Google Maps.
  • Find company domains from names.
  • Get all employees emails from a list of domains.
  • Send all the data to your CRM via Zapier.
Email, phone & social media extractor

Extract emails, phones on the page of websites and download it to Excel or CSV.

  • Upload a list of websites to extract emails.
  • Export phone numbers from landing page.
  • Export social media urls (Facebook, Instagram ..) from pages.
  • Export to CSV or Excel in one click.
  • Send the data to your CRM or other software.
Find emails from first name, last name and company name

Discover emails from a CSV from 3 columns (first name, last name, and company name).

  • Upload big batch of CSV online to find emails.
  • Email discovery is fast and build emails from patterns.
  • Find valid emails from 3 data points.
  • Export to CSV or Excel in one click.
  • Send the data collected to your CRM or any software.
Chatbot solution to capture and convert visitors into leads

Transform your visitors into leads by capturing information from them.

  • Install unlimited chatbot to capture unlimited leads.
  • Customize the scenario of your chatbot.
  • Customize the color, position and the widget.
  • Export the leads into Excel or CSV.
  • Send directly the leads captured to your CRM or any software.
Daily registered domains with leads information

Discover each day thousands of new companies registered on Internet.

  • Prospect new businesses registered on Internet.
  • Transfer leads to campaigns to send emails on it.
  • Thousands of new leads uploaded each day.
  • Export all the leads into Excel or CSV.
  • Send collected data to your CRM or other software.
Online review management to get more online reviews

Capture reviews from visitors, and increase your reviews on Google and Facebook pages.

  • Install and customize the widget on your website.
  • Collect more reviews, increase your SEO position.
  • Grow your Facebook page and Google page.
  • Export reviews into Excel or CSV.
  • Send reviews directly to your CRM.
Sequence (cadence) / newsletter campaigns tool

Send newsletter or sales emails with automatic follow ups.

  • Create unlimited campaigns and connect unlimited senders.
  • Warm up feature to increase your deliverability.
  • Send personalized images with our image personalization tool.
  • Send events to your CRM such as opens, clicks and replies.
  • Generate more sales meeting with automatic follow ups.
API to prevent fake emails registration on your service

Each time someone registers to your service, ping this API to verify if the email is correct.

  • Verify if an email exists to prevent fake emails.
  • Export results into Excel or CSV.
  • Ping in real time our API or plug it in your system.
  • Instant email verification.
  • Send collected data to your CRM or other software.
Social proof notification widget tool

Generate and display notifications on your website to show random messages to your visitors. This will increase your sales and credibility.

  • Add unlimited websites.
  • Add unlimited notifications.
  • Create geo-targeted notifications.
  • Display random fake notifications.
  • Send collected data to your CRM or other software.
Extract B2B emails from B2B social media

Extract emails and contact from B2B social media. Find new leads in one click and create targeted lists.

  • Create unlimted lists, filter by country, industry, size and job title.
  • Hyper targeted lead generation.
  • Generate B2B and B2C lists in one click.
  • Super fast emails generation.
  • Send leads to your CRM or other software.

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We created a second company to white label Anyleads.
Launch your own lead generation software in one click by joining our other company Sell SaaS.

If you have an online business, Anyleads is for you!

If you have an online business, Anyleads should be implemented since day one..
We create innovative solutions in order to bring you customers and traffic.

300,000+ businesses use Anyleads

All of our products are ready to go, easy to use and offer great value to any kind of business. That's why we have customers from all over the world 😍

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Most famous marketers and companies love us!
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"Anyleads has helped us scale our outbound processes. What used to take us hours now takes a couple of minutes."

Houston Golden .

CEO at BAMF Media


"Anyleads is simple. That is what we are looking for, simplicity got us crazy amount of leads to manage."

Gilles De Clerck .

Growth Strategist at Ramp Ventures


"It helps us connect with valuable leads at scale without losing valuable time. Time we can spend to deliver more value."

Ricardo Ghekiere .

CEO at Fast Forward


"Anyleads is a revolutionary lead generation machine for enterprises and helped us multiplying our growth."

Vipin Verma .

CEO Growth Hack World


"We are using Anyleads for our lead generation and we got promising results from day one."

Julien Le Coupanec .

CEO at Growth Bunker


"We like Anyleads because it's a solution with a lot of metrics that allows us to follow up on our customers efficiently."

Vin Clancy .

Growth Hacker / Speaker

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